About Us

Who are we?

DLM Solutions is a consortium of skilled and experienced professionals who want to bring their expertise to the education, community services and non-government sector.

We can deliver services and experience to your organisation in the areas of disability, learning and management without the need to recruit staff on an ongoing basis.

Based in South Australia, we can also offer services nationally via electronic communication or locally interstate (travel costs apply).

DLM Solutions is cost effective and motivated by quality service provision in the human services sector instead of profits.

DLM brings years of experience and highly respected professional expertise in education, disability, management, policy, mentoring, board membership of not-for-profits and volunteer community service to you.

We work with individuals and organisations.

You may find something on the lists of work we’ve already done, but why not talk to us about new business needs and how we might be able to provide a solution that meets your business needs.

All representatives of DLM Solutions have current police clearances and working with children clearances as appropriate.  Some representatives are also registered teachers in SA.  Representatives offering casual training and assessment under the Australian Qualifications Framework have – at the minimum – Certificate 4 in Training and Assessment and are highly skilled and experienced in their field.

How did we start?

DLM Solutions began as an idea among friends, over a glass of wine and a fine barbecue lunch.  Three professionals bemoaning how we could do better than some of the service providers we engaged; how we so very rarely learned anything new at any professional development events we attended.  Talking about all the expertise that we had gathered through our varied career paths.  Voicing our frustration that our full time employment limited our ability to share our expertise.  Finally, giving ourselves five years to make our dreams a reality.

We are all driven by social conscience and have evolved our careers to serve people living with disadvantage and to support them to succeed.  But we also appreciate the need to change and strengthen the structures that support people with disadvantage if long term social change is to occur.  And we know that in constrained funding environments, permanent, skilled staff are beyond the means of much of the non-government sector.

DLM aims to bridge that gap.